Review: Klatch Coffee Panama Elida Honey (Upland, California)

I have been looking forward to trying Klatch Coffee ever since I started reading up on specialty coffee roasters. Klatch is a name I saw mentioned repeatedly, along with Intelligentsia, Verve, Counter Culture, Madcap, and Stumptown (especially in an espresso context). The Klatch Belle Espresso review will be happening in a few days, but I couldn’t wait to open up my fresh bag of the Panama Elida Honey (roasted March 9, arrived at my house March 11). I’ve had “name-brand” expensive coffees before that hadn’t lived up to the hype (in my opinion), so I was prepared for just about anything. At $22/12 oz., my wallet would certainly prefer that I didn’t like this coffee.

Spoiler alert: Sorry, wallet.

First impressions: The whole beans smelled absolutely delicious. It was like a chocolate bar with dried currants. Ground, I got hit with spicy notes (like cinnamon/cloves) and rum cake.

V60: Very smooth flavor; mouthwatering and juicy. Delicate at the start, but as the coffee cooled slightly, it really opened up. It tasted like butterscotch and a hint of dark chocolate with tangerine on the finish. Absolutely stunning. In fact, I was going to make the coffee a second way to compare and contrast, but I was so taken with this cup that I just sat there and savored the entire 12 oz or so that I made. There was such a nice balance and a deceptive simplicity to it – if this cup was music, it reminded me most of Maurice Ravel.

The very last drop in the cup smelled exactly like honey. Gorgeous.

AeroPress: Thick, creamy, with a lemon and graham-cracker flavor. I liked it, but after the perfectly balanced magic of the V60, it almost struck me as bland. I think I was missing the brighter notes.

Chemex: Very bright and lively with lots of lemony flavor. Comparatively astringent. This was unbalanced to my taste but great for those that like a cup with a lot of citrus.

French press: Sweet, heavy, and smooth. Not a lot of fruit flavor; much more like bittersweet cocoa.

Summary: For me, V60 all the way. No question. However, it’s also really good in an AeroPress and french press. Worth every penny!!

From the roaster: This coffee offers pure flavors of light rum, hints of dried fruit, tones of orange-citrus, chocolate and honey along with a very clean, sweet finish.

Klatch Coffee Roasters

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  1. Great review… are you sure that you don’t work for them… 😉

    1. I already have a dream job, but working for a premier coffee roaster?! *swoon* 😀

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