Review: Pergamino Cafe, Finca Loma Verde (Medellin, Colombia)

These beans were an unexpected and very welcome gift from a student and her family! Colombian coffee beans are some of the most common and well-known coffee beans out there (Juan Valdez, anyone?), but I am pretty certain that I have never had Colombian coffee of this freshness level and quality before. I was fascinated to learn that despite coffee being such an important crop in Colombia, Colombians don’t even rank in the top 50 for coffee consumed per capita. The “third wave” of coffee that’s been so popular in the USA for the last decade or so has only just started in Colombia, and Pergamino Cafe appears to be at the forefront there, selling their own locally roasted beans as well as ones from other regions. Click here for more info on Pergamino Cafe…

The beans smelled delicious right off the bat. They were definitely unique compared to any other coffee I had experienced before, in that the whole beans had notes of red wine and pinenuts. Once I ground the beans, I smelled Teddy Grahams along with the other scents.

French press: Overwhelming flavor of pinenut and hazelnut. Very earthy, thick brew with just a bit of acidity to liven things up.

Aeropress: Smoother, but not as much personality as the FP version. No fruit or acidity, just nutty flavor.

V60: This cup was thin compared to the others, probably because the filter caught most of the coffee oils. It was very slightly bitter at the start, but as it cooled, it rounded out and smelled “like coffee” — I didn’t smell nuts, or chocolate, or anything other than true, honest-to-goodness coffee aroma. Just lovely simplicity in a cup.

Summary: If you like your coffee honest and uncomplicated, Colombian coffee certainly fits the bill! Would go great with milk. Naturally sweet so it really wouldn’t need much (if any) sugar in my opinion!

From the roaster: This coffee is characterized by its sweetness and smoothness. It has notes of chocolate and caramel and its acid tones are reminiscent of yellow fruits.

Pergamino Cafe

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