Mini review: Stumptown Guatemala Finca El Injerto Bourbon (Portland, Oregon)

Got a little sample of this lovely Guatemala Injerto from an equally lovely friend yesterday! I may choose to do a full review of these beans someday, as I definitely liked what I tasted (when brewed in a Chemex) and would be curious how it would taste in other applications. Generally speaking, I enjoy the citrus notes of Central American coffees, and the Chemex produces a light, sweet but slightly dry cup (comparable perhaps to a dry Riesling or Pinot Grigio?).

This cup had a toasty flavor at the start. As it cooled, I tasted lemon/orange notes along with buttery richness, like I was eating a buttered piece of toast with orange marmalade. It was rich but not heavy, and because it left my mouth slightly dry (like some wines), I kept wanting to drink more. No doubt that’s all part of Stumptown’s nefarious (but delicious) plan!

From the roaster: Navel orange, butter, transparent

Stumptown Coffee

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