Review: Case Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Mogeyes (Ashland, Oregon)

This review covers my other bag that I received from Case Coffee Roasters in my recent shipment. I like a lot of different kinds of coffees, but I really do enjoy Ethiopian coffee so I was pretty excited to see what would come of this bag.

One detail I neglected to mention before is that Case’s bags are 10.5 ounces. Most coffee companies offer bags in either 12 ounce or 16 ounce sizes, but we are seeing more specialty roasters offering bags in smaller sizes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of these smaller bags are being carried by companies that offer free shipping.

Whole bean: Fruity scent that is reminiscent of mango. Ground, it smelled like pie crust.

V60: Sweet, moutherwatering aroma. Light to medium bodied. Mango. Floral aroma and flavor on the finish that reminded me of lilies.

AeroPress: Too strong to drink straight. This tasted like I had taken a mixed bouquet of flowers and spun it in a Vitamix. Once I added water, the flavor was much more subtle and delicate; nothing stood out in particular but it tasted like a sunny spring day. Delicate and pleasant. As it cooled, the coffee revealed a scent like grapefruit.

Chemex: Light brew with a little lemon flavor. Bright, lovely, and demure coffee. This drink curtesyed in my mouth!

French press: The heavier body to this cup made for a vanilla-esque flavor and character in addition to the other flavors I noted in the previous cups. Beautiful.

Summary: All of these cups were very nice (just make sure you add water to the AeroPress brew!) and would be a lovely choice for anyone that enjoys washed Ethiopian coffees or prefers subtle, delicate coffee. Not a good choice for anyone that likes dark, assertive coffee or adds cream to their cup – I think that milk + flowers and grapefruit and mango would be weird…

From the roaster: Mango, peach, fresh

Case Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Mogeyes

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