Review: Heart Coffee Roasters Kenya Muranga (Portland, Oregon)

It’s nearly Monday afternoon where I live, but I hope you’re all having a bunch of happy mondays wherever you are! Another week beginning, another Heart coffee to review.

Whole bean: This has a light and slightly tannic aroma that smells like sliced apples – not as tart as something like a Granny Smith; maybe more like a Gala or Pink Lady.

French press: Full-bodied, thick brew which tasted a bit tart and strongly of apples. The flavor was not as sweet as its aroma.

Chemex: Compared to the french press cup, this cup was more tart and light in character. The finish was like lemonade – it made me pucker a little but it wasn’t unpleasantly tart. The flavor overall was pretty subtle.

AeroPress: The concentrate carried the flavor of apples along with a slightly dry but rich finish.

V60: Light body, eerily reminiscent of oolong tea with a hint of apple flavor.

Summary: Okay, clearly this coffee has the apple flavor printed on the bag, though I wasn’t able to identify it as honeycrisp in particular. This seems like a great coffee for the colder months of the year; December and its falling temperatures makes me think of apple cider, and this coffee fits the bill. No one brew method stood out to me as “the best,” but I would probably stick to making this in either the press pot or the AeroPress; I like the heavier body for this coffee.

From the roaster: Butterscotch, blackcurrant, honeycrisp

Heart Kenya Muranga

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