Review: Supersonic Colombia Alto de Topa (Berkeley, California)

Supersonic Coffee, based in northern California, currently does not have a storefront (they are working on opening their own coffee bar) but their beans are available wholesale, online, and at a number of coffee shops around the country. I’ve been wanting to pick up a bag of their coffee for some time now, since I saw Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas starting to carry their beans, and I finally got an opportunity this week. Bonus, the bag came with a free Britpop earworm!

The About page on Supersonic’s website is worth a read; it gets me pretty fired up to drink their coffee.

Whole bean: Wow, what a complex aroma! I noted tea leaves, marshmallows, rainier cherries, and lemon. This varietal smells quite sweet.

V60: I made this twice because the first batch I made (at a 3:08 extraction time) came out slightly bitter. I was oddly reminded of peanut skins (the papery stuff that surrounds peanuts in their shells). Once I adjusted my grinder setting a couple of notches coarser, I ended up with a 2:45 extraction time and this cup was much better; dark chocolate aroma and flavor with a hint of floral character on the finish. Gorgeous cup.

AeroPress: The concentrate made a lemony, floral, bright brew with a thick body. Once I added just a touch of water, the coffee smoothed out to reveal a milk chocolate + marshmallow flavor. Very sweet.

Chemex: Amazingly complex in the cup. This tastes like a symphony. All the flavors (minus the peanut skins) that I noted previously were in here, and they blended into a beautiful harmonious brew. The aftertaste spun and lingered for a long time on the palate (I didn’t time it but it was definitely over 30 seconds).

French press: Chocolate, marshmallow, and a hint of lemon. Rich and satisfying.

Summary: A deliciously complex and satisfying coffee that had a great result in all brew methods I tried, but my personal vote would be in the Chemex for the amazing depth of flavor. It was also particularly lovely in the V60 (just be sure not to over-extract the coffee).

From the roaster: Green apple, rose hip, elegant

Supersonic Coffee Colombia Alto de Topa

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  1. Your gonna make me go get some!

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