Review: Commonwealth Coffee Colombia Carlos Muñoz Nariño (Denver, Colorado)

When I visited Oak Lawn Coffee in Dallas and purchased beans recently, I got a free to-go cup of drip coffee. That cup of drip was so tasty, I turned right around and walked back into the shop to demand (nicely!) to know what it was, and it turned out to be this roast from Commonwealth. On a later visit, I was finally able to pick up a bag and I couldn’t wait to try it at home!

Whole bean: mild aroma with orange notes.

French press: Citrus/orange flavor that predominates through a thick texture and flavor of milk chocolate.

Chemex: Light body with a mild milk chocolate flavor. Less orange in this cup.

AeroPress: Straight up, it was toasty, thick, and rich. It was a little much for me as a concentrate so I would recommend adding water to lighten things up.

V60: Dark chocolate flavor; less sweet than the Chemex cup, but still quite pleasant. Arguably more pleasant!

Summary: Chocolate and orange flavors combine for a very easy-drinking, smooth cup. I happen to really like the orange notes so the french press version was my personal favorite.

From the roaster: I mistakenly threw out the bag before writing up this review so I don’t have the full tasting notes from Commonwealth, but there was definitely chocolate and orange listed! Oops.

This particular coffee is not offered currently on Commonwealth’s website.

Commonwealth Coffee Online Store

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