Review: Roseline Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Gera (Portland, Oregon)

I know I bring them up a lot on this blog, but I have to give props to Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas for continuing to offer an intriguing rotating selection of roasters in addition to their house roaster (Tweed). On a recent visit, I was delighted to see bags of Roseline Coffee! I have reviewed Roseline’s Catapult Blend before and enjoyed it very much (once I figured out that it was an espresso blend), so it wasn’t a hard decision for me to grab this bag of their Ethiopia Gera.

This funny exchange happened at the shop:

Me: “Awesome! You guys have Roseline!”
Barista: “Whoa, you know Roseline?! And you pronounced it correctly!”
Me: …… “How else would you pronounce it?”
Barista: “We’ve had people saying Ross-lynn, Rose-lynn…”

The barista I chatted with said that she was particularly excited about this Ethiopia Gera, which made me look forward to trying it even more!

Whole bean: Light, nutty aroma.

French press: This was a plush, radiant coffee that had a really delicate and smooth flavor. A little nutty, a little sweet, a little juicy. It whispers and caresses the palate. Absolutely lovely. I was dumbfounded.

Chemex: Tea-like body but juicy. So refined! Not hugely different from the french press version, but perhaps a bit brighter in flavor. I enjoyed this a lot.

AeroPress: This rendition was the most bright/acidic of the four when consumed straight, but it wasn’t unpleasant – just a little louder than the other brews. Adding just a touch of water to the concentrate smoothed and sweetened it out.

V60: Peachy, silky and sweet. Damn good.

Summary: This is the first coffee I’ve had in 2016 that really blew me away. I love the delicate balance of flavors and how it just shimmers in the mouth, like you’re holding a gossamer ball of light on your tongue. It doesn’t have a strong flavor, so if you’re used to coffee slapping you awake in the morning, this will seem really mild-mannered and polite in comparison. But, for those times when you want to sit and contemplate the beauty inherent in things that are fleeting (which for me is a lot of the time!), this coffee fits the bill.

From the roaster: peach, chestnut, oolong tea

I am heartbroken to say that this coffee is not currently available on Roseline’s website. I feel like such a tease.

(Edited 4/14/16: It’s up! Roseline Coffee Ethiopia Gera)

Roseline Coffee Online Store

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