Review: MauiGrown Coffee Maui Mokka (Hawai’i)

This is the second of two varieties of coffee that one of my students brought me from Hawai’i (the other was the MauiGrown 100% Kona I wrote about last week). Unlike the Kona, which came in a blue opaque bag, the Maui Mokka came in a bag which had a clear front to it, so you could easily see the quality of the beans. The first thing I noticed was that the roast level looked to be on the lighter side of medium – lighter than the Kona beans, but still definitely in “medium” roast territory. The second thing I noticed was how small the coffee beans were. When green (unroasted) coffee beans are roasted, they expand in size, so the green beans for the Maui Mokka blend must be miniscule!


MauiGrown 100% Kona bean on the left; MauiGrown Maui Mokka bean on the right.

Whole bean: toasty aroma of dark chocolate.

V60: I made this twice. The first time, at a 2:15 extraction time, I felt it was rather bland. The beans were so tiny that I figured they would be rather dense, so I set my grinder to a coarser level than usual, but apparently that was the wrong thing to do. The second I made this, at a 3:00 extraction time, I felt it came out a bit bitter but still plain tasting. Not a fan of these beans in this brew method.

AeroPress: Now THIS was better. Straight-up fudgy goodness in the cup. No need to add any water to dilute the concentrate, as this went down super easy!

Chemex: This had a bit of bite on the finish, but it was too close in character to the V60 cup. Pass.

French press: Much better! This cup had a rich mouthfeel, with a lovely amount of body and sweetness. It had a delicious comforting flavor of chocolate throughout.

Summary: Try this particular coffee in immersion methods like the AeroPress and French press for best flavor.

From the roaster: MauiGrown is famous for our Maui Mokka variety which we refer to as our Champagne of coffee. The seed stock for the Maui Mokka originated in Yemen and was planted on the Ka’anapali Estate in the 1980s. MauiGrown Coffee Co. is the only commercial grower of this variety in the world.

MauiGrown Coffee Maui Mokka

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