Review: Chromatic Coffee Voyager Blend (San Jose, California)

Most of the time, when I buy coffee, I buy coffee that I haven’t tried before, so that I have stuff to write about for this blog. However, every now and then I’ll buy an old favorite, just to have an opportunity to simply enjoy the coffee without over-analyzing it. It’s sort of like when I choose to watch a movie I’ve already seen before – I enjoy the familiarity. Coffee is a seasonal crop, so there’s no guarantee that a particular varietal or blend will be the same from year to year, but especially in the case of espresso blends, I find that roasters tend to try and keep things pretty consistent. So, I was happy to order an old favorite, Chromatic Coffee’s Gamut Espresso Blend. I threw in a bag of this Voyager Blend while I was at it though, just to see what else they had to offer!

Whole bean: Chocolate malt.

V60: Smooth and pleasant. At a 2:45 extraction, I got a lot of chocolate flavor in the cup.

AeroPress: Completely different. Very light body in the cup with NO chocolate flavor whatsoever. Green apple? Bit tart like lemonade. Not bad, but not at all what I was expecting.

Chemex: This tasted just like Kit Kat bars! Chocolate with a touch of vanilla. Sweet and fun, to have these throwback flavors.

French press: This tasted like a chocolate malt shake, or Whoppers candy.

Summary: Chocolate and malt bomb, as long as you don’t use an AeroPress. I liked it best in the Chemex, but it also made fabulous cups for chocolate lovers in the French press and V60.

From the roaster: Cosmic, luminous, dense

This coffee is currently not available on Chromatic’s website. Here’s a link to their online store: Chromatic Coffee Online Store



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