Review: Redroaster Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha (Brighton, England)

I had the great luck and pleasure of being able to spend just over a week traveling in southern England earlier this year. One of my destinations on this trip was the seaside city of Brighton, and the weather really was idyllic during my visit: sunny, breezy, and comfortable. My sunglasses got a lot of use — not something I expected to happen in England!

There were several coffee shops that popped up on my radar to check out, but I was limited on time, so I chose to visit the Red Roaster Coffee House because of the good reputation of their beans, and it happened to be a short walk from the B&B where I was staying. Upon walking in, I felt immediately comfortable – it was an airy, spacious shop, with lovely round tables and antique looking coffee decor lining the walls (including some vintage equipment). I ordered a Colombian coffee made as a pourover, and it was delicious – a nice slightly minty, chocolaty bite prevailed in this brew. My only quibble was that they served the coffee to me in a glass (like the kind of glass that I would get at a pub). It looked attractive, but the coffee cooled down much more quickly when served in a glass vs. when served in a mug/thick ceramic. By the time I got to the end of my cup, it was quite cold.

I opted to get these Ethiopian beans as they were the freshest they had available. There actually was an issue with the stamped roast date; it was stamped as roasted on August 22, but according to the baristas, it was actually roasted on September 1. I opted to trust the baristas on this even though I was a bit nervous about this. I ended up doing the tasting on September 16, so I hope they were correct! The coffee seemed decently fresh, so I am inclined to trust them.

Whole bean: almond, amaretto, licorice, peach

V60: Bitter at the forefront – too long of a brew (at 3:20)? When I tasted it again 5 min later, the coffee had smoothed out some but it was still quite a punch to the face. Assertive. Thick. No fruit flavor; mostly tasted of black licorice.

AeroPress: DARK hot chocolate. So sweet and smooth! Shocking, especially compared to the V60 cup! Peach on finish.

Chemex: Caramel on the front. Amaretto on the finish.

French: I just wrote “complex” in my notes with no other details. I’m gonna guess it was pretty confounding.

Summary: I have had a lot of Ethiopian coffee over the past few years, both natural- and wet-processed. This coffee was unlike any other Ethiopian coffee I’d had before, with its unexpected flavors of licorice and stone fruit combined with almond/amaretto. It was a nice reminder to not just assume all Ethiopian coffees will fit a narrow flavor profile (berry sweetness for natural-processed; floral/citrus for washed varieties).

From the roaster: No flavor notes provided by the roaster.

Redroaster Coffee doesn’t appear to sell their beans online, but you can find them at their cafe in Brighton, England, or contact them about wholesale orders through their website.

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