Review: Batdorf and Bronson Kenya AA Gatumbi (Atlanta, Georgia)

This is the second of two bags I picked up from the Batdorf and Bronson cafe in Atlanta (the first was their excellent Dancing Goats Blend). I’m always intrigued by Kenyan coffees as no two of them have ever been quite the same, so I was curious what awaited me in this bag.

Whole bean: The beans look to be a nice medium roast – a little darker than I’ve observed in the past from other roasters, but not “dark” by any means. The air was filled with a butterscotch sweetness when I broke the seal, and I was reminded of nougat from candy bars.

French press: The coffee smelled a bit plasticky right off the bat, but it faded after a minute. Upon my first sip, my tongue was flooded with the taste of chocolate truffles. Decadence in a mug!

Chemex: All I wrote here were the words “vanilla pudding.” Wow.

AeroPress: Vague flavor of toasted almond, but it was obscured by an unpleasant acidity. Adding a bit of water helped tame the acidity to manageable levels, but this wasn’t my favorite method for this coffee.

V60: This method had the most character, with flavors of peach and raw almond. Very nice!

Summary: If you like sweet chocolate and vanilla flavors, try this in a french press or a Chemex. If you like fruitier finishes, try this in a V60. I couldn’t choose a personal favorite – they are all so different but all very enjoyable!

From the roaster: Silky and sweet. Peach, molasses, butterscotch

This coffee is not currently available on their website, but here’s a link to Batdorf and Bronson’s online store

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