Review: Intelligentsia Burundi Bwayi (Chicago, Illinois)

This coffee looked so good in the Intelligentsia store that I didn’t even look at the price until the next day. $27/12oz. YIKES! Was it worth it? Read on.

I have never had a coffee from Burundi; most of the African coffees I have sampled to this point have been from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda. The whole beans smelled earthy and nutty. They actually smelled very similar to the Pergamino Colombian beans I reviewed a while back, but in the cup they couldn’t be more different.

V60: Smooth and rich with a deep brown color. A bit of hazelnut flavor. Compared to later methods, this had the least fruit. I imagine that this would taste good with milk/sugar, but for this expensive of a coffee, I really would avoid that!

AeroPress: Light reddish brown in color. There was some grit in the cup, despite the filter. Much oilier than the V60 cup. It had a little citrusy/lemon finish. Bright and refreshing.

Chemex: Strong apple cider flavor. Nice light cup! As it cooled, the coffee took on a velvety texture and got really smooth and creamy, but not heavy. There was a very slight bit of tobacco on the finish.

French press: This had a great tangy flavor with a very rich mouthfeel. I definitely tasted apple cider on the finish. Dark chocolate notes come out as it cools. Delicious.

Summary: Since I only really drink apple cider during the cold winter months, this coffee reminds me a little of Christmas (though it’s in season now). I really really like it. Would I buy it again? Maybe. Depends on my budget!! But, I am not sorry I spent the money on it. The flavor lingered on my palate for many minutes after drinking. If not for the slight bit of tobacco on the finish, the Chemex iteration would have been my favorite. The french press cup was outstanding. Both were truly memorable cups.

From the roaster: This beautiful coffee from Burundi offers deep, satisfying flavors of dark chocolate and dried fig with a clean finish that reminds us of apple cider.

Intelligentsia Bwayi Burundi

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