Review: Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters Barking Dog Espresso Blend (Dallas, Texas)

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters is a Dallas-area roaster that’s been on my radar for a while (since before the first Dallas Coffee Day in 2015), but I somehow had not gotten around to reviewing their beans until now. My local Whole Foods had fresh bags of this Barking Dog Espresso Blend in stock and the description sounded right up my alley for an espresso.

Whole bean: sweet chocolate aroma. Smells like a candy bar.

Espresso: I made six shots with this bag before settling on what I think was my optimum shot (which, oddly enough, was the first shot I pulled!). This espresso seems designed for normale shots; I tried it as a ristretto and all I wrote in my notes was “BLECHHH.” I’m going to guess I didn’t like that. But at a 1:2 espresso:water ratio, the shots largely came out smooth and sweet. This espresso seems to smooth out as it sits.

Favorite parameters: 16 grams in (though honestly it seemed a bit skimpy for a double basket… but it tasted better vs. when I put in more grounds), 39 grams out, 200 degrees F, 30 second shot.

With milk: Forgot to have my faithful latte tester Shutterbug try this out, but as the shots were nice and chocolaty and sweet, I can’t see how this could possibly be anything but tasty with steamed milk.

AeroPress: The concentrate was quite strong – dark chocolate flavor abounded. Once I added a bit of water, it became quite smooth but bland. So, don’t add extra water!

Summary: This espresso does live up to its packaging! It’s a good no-nonsense espresso that would serve as a nice base for building milk drinks.

From the roaster: Chocolate, caramel, sweet, mellow finish

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters Barking Dog Espresso Blend

Review conducted 11-12 days post-roast.

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