Review: Ceremony Coffee Roasters Guatemala Las Moritas (Annapolis, Maryland)

I have a Word document on my computer that’s just a list of coffee roasters that I want to check out when I have the time/money/opportunity. Ceremony Coffee Roasters has been on that list for probably about a year, and I am sure I would have gotten around to ordering online from them eventually, but I happily had the opportunity to pick up some of their beans while in Maryland earlier this autumn. In the About Us section of their website, they proclaim, “We strive to deliver the cup of coffee that changes someone’s life.” How can you not respect that kind of passion and zeal?

I suspect there is no intended connection between this roaster and the song “Ceremony” by Joy Division, but I’m making one in my head. Talk about life-changing!!

I took this photo at the Harbor Point location of Ceremony Coffee Roasters, and I actually got to taste a pourover of the Guatemala Las Moritas while in the shop (I don’t typically get to drink the same coffee that I buy beans of, for various reasons). I got slightly different results at home, which I go into more detail about in the V60 section.

Whole bean: I wrote in my notes: “heaven.” Rich, sweet, creamy and chocolaty aroma that had just a hint of cherry.

V60: Nice powdery finish to this cup. Chocolate and citrus flavors dominated, but it was overall a pretty subtle cup flavor-wise. The pourover cup I had of this coffee at the Harbor Point location in Baltimore was slightly less flavorful than what I brewed at home. Perhaps I brewed with a longer extraction time at home versus what I got at the coffee shop.

AeroPress: This tastes good brewed as a concentrate – nice and sweet and flavorful. When I added some water to the cup, the coffee became quite bland and disappointing, so I don’t recommend diluting the brew.

Chemex: Clean flavors. Enjoyable. Less personality than the Hario V60 cup.

French press: Sweet and tangy with strong notes of peaches.

Summary: This is a coffee that has two very different personalities depending on the brewing method. I like them all but your preferences may vary!

Pourover (Hario V60, Chemex): Results in a more traditional, darker-tasting coffee with a smoother finish.
Immersion (AeroPress, French press): Go for this if you enjoy the flavor complexity of light-roasted coffee.

This coffee is not currently available on the Ceremony website, but here is a link to the single-origin coffees on their online store:
Ceremony Coffee Roasters Online Store (Single-Origins)

Review conducted 9-11 days post-roast.

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  1. Love your site.
    Thanks for all the great reviews.

    1. Thank you Josh, much appreciated!

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