Review: Heart Coffee Roasters Kenya Gachuiro AB (Portland, Oregon)

Oak Lawn Coffee isn’t super close to my home (around 30 miles) but I count myself lucky that I’m in that part of Dallas often enough that when I feel like treating myself to beans from Heart Coffee Roasters, I can just pop into the shop and grab a fresh bag. Heart is one of my top 3 favorite coffee companies so it always feels like a special occasion to have one of their offerings (and not having to pay for shipping is nice).

Whole bean: Red apple, honey, and floral aromas. Fragrant.

V60: This was a sweet cup that tasted of toffee and honey with a lovely aroma of honeysuckle and strawberries. Wow. This is why I love coffee from Heart so much – it’s multi-layered and interestingly complex!

AeroPress: Tangy, lively brew, with a “deliciously, deliriously floral” scent (quote from my notes).

Chemex: Floral and fruity – juicy strawberry was the main flavor. This was a fruitier cup for sure than the V60 cup, and a bit less sweet.

French press: All I wrote here was “really flavorful” – I guess I wasn’t able to pick out any particular flavor here but it was a flavor bomb for sure.

Summary: Another knockout from one of the most consistently pleasurable and excellent coffee roasters around. All the cups were good but my favorite was the Hario V60 cup by a mile.

From the roaster: strawberry, marionberry, honey, lavender

This coffee is not currently available on Heart’s website but their online store does have a link to their Kenya Gachuiro AA.

Heart Coffee Roasters online store

Review conducted 8 days post-roast.

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