Review: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters Colombia Huila Timana (Denver, Colorado)

I first came across Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters while in San Clemente, California last October. While there, I visited a local coffee shop called Bear Coast Coffee that was right near the beach. I was honestly just looking for any coffee at all (I wasn’t being picky) so stumbling across a cafe that served craft coffee was a welcome surprise! When I visited, Bear Coast was serving up coffee from Heart and from Sweet Bloom. I think I had an Ethiopia Guji from Sweet Bloom that I enjoyed very much, but the beans for retail sale weren’t as fresh as I wanted, so I decided I’d wait and order freshly roasted beans online when I had a chance. This is the first of two bags that I ordered.

Whole bean: Light aroma with a hint of tobacco.

V60: I brewed this twice, once with a 3:00 minute extraction and once with a 3:50 extraction. The cups were similar – I wrote down that it had notes of bittersweet chocolate, dark chocolate, red apple, and rose petal.

AeroPress: Consumed straight, it had a strong flavor of pears. Tangy and pleasant.

Chemex: Honey-covered pears and honeysuckle filled this cup.

French press: Not much flavor in this cup really – I found it a bit sour on the finish. I had this particular cup only 3 days post-roast so maybe it needed more time? However, I found the other methods to be very good so maybe the french press just wasn’t to my taste for these particular beans.

Summary: I really liked this coffee in a Chemex – sweet, fragrant cup that lived up to its roaster’s name.

From the roaster: brownie batter, nashi pear, brown sugar

Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters Colombia Huila Timana

Review conducted 3-4 days post-roast.

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