Review: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters Winter Bloom Blend (Denver, Colorado)

I ordered this bag at the same time as I ordered the Sweet Bloom Colombia Huila Timana. The Winter Bloom is one of their seasonal blends, and I think I got it toward the end of its availability (in December) because it was gone from the website by early- to mid-January. Sorry to say you won’t be able to get this now, but it’ll probably be back next winter!

Whole bean: These smelled like black grapes. Odd only because I didn’t taste any grapes later on in the process!

V60: My batch of this was probably slightly overextracted because it took 4:15 to brew, but I thought the final product was still pretty good – I tasted tangerine and cocoa, and the coffee had a powdery finish on the palate.

AeroPress: Tasted as a concentrate, it was pretty overwhelmingly strong but it does smooth out as it cools. Lots of tangerine on the front, followed by milk chocolate. I added some water to the concentrate and I felt this made it better – the coffee tasted much sweeter and more balanced. Great flavor!

Chemex: Compared to the V60 cup, this was a smoother, less brash cup. It was a more balanced version of the V60 cup with similar flavors (probably because I didn’t overextract it this time). It had a nice silky mouthfeel, as if I had added milk (though I hadn’t).

French press: This was my favorite rendition of these beans. Lovely, delicious cup. Rich mouthfeel with a great balance of flavor between the citrus and the chocolate that was really comforting and pleasant to drink.

Summary: A nice blend, particularly if you are a fan of orange/chocolate flavors.

From the roaster: candied plum, clementine, cocoa

At the time I’m writing this review, this coffee is not currently available from Sweet Bloom but here’s a link to their online store: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters Online Store 

Review conducted 5 days post-roast.

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