Review: PT’s Coffee Flying Monkey Blend (Topeka, Kansas)

I was a little extra excited for this tasting because it’s the first espresso tasting I’ve done in several months. After about 3 years of faithful service, the pump on my Quick Mill Silvano went out, but a call to the fantastically helpful people at Chris’ Coffee and a bit of elbow grease from myself and Shutterbug (mostly Shutterbug) put things right. He did get to have the first latte I made with the newly repaired machine, as a thank-you.

Whole bean: chocolaty sweetness. Smells like a treat!

Espresso: I found these beans required a fairly high temperature to bring out the chocolaty sweetness in the shot – lower temperatures tasted sour, but even so it wasn’t unpleasant… I just preferred the sweeter version of the shot. My favorite shots from this bag tasted like chocolate Teddy Grahams.

Favorite parameters: 17 grams in, 29 grams out, 205 degrees F, 30 second extraction.

With milk: I didn’t end up having this espresso in a milk drink at all, but Shutterbug was a fan of this, saying it stood up nicely and had a good flavor.

AeroPress: Totally forgot to brew these beans in the AeroPress… we pulled so many shots that we ran out before I remembered. Oops. But, it’s a compliment to the flavor of these beans!

Summary: Good both as a straight shot and in milk drinks. It’s a decadent blend with great balance when you pull it at the right temperature. I enjoyed this!

From the roaster: Milk chocolate, graham cracker, honey

PT’s Coffee Flying Monkey Blend

Review conducted 5 days post-roast.

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