Review: Cuvée Coffee Brazil Patos de Minas Fazenda Pantano (Austin, Texas)

(I completely forgot to snap a photo of the bag I purchased like I usually do, so I grabbed this photo off of Cuvée’s website. Hope that’s okay!)

Whole Foods came to my rescue yet again, as I found myself out of coffee and unable to wait even a few days to order any online or drive to any of my normal haunts in Dallas to pick up a bag. Sometimes the coffee on the shelves is months old, but every now and then I luck out and it’s only a week or two post-roast. This was one of those times, and I’ve gotten to know and like Cuvée Coffee quite a lot since they’re one of the roasters regularly stocked by my local store, and their beans have been quite consistently good.

Whole bean: Sweet and fresh aromas… it smelled like caramel and cantaloupe.

French press: Very pleasing in the cup! Chocolate and caramel flooded my senses and made this coffee taste like drinking a candy bar.

Chemex: More lively in flavor than the French press cup – similar but it had the flavor of cantaloupe on the end.

AeroPress: Really thick, strong coffee flavor that was not shy but not overwhelming either. There seemed to be a bit of a papery aftertaste. It was drinkable as a concentrate but I felt it tasted better with a little additional water added.

V60: Smooth, rich, excellent “coffee” flavor. Also had a bit of cantaloupe in this cup (but less than the Chemex cup).

Espresso: Just for kicks, I pulled a few shots with these beans. My preliminary results weren’t terribly promising though, so I quit.

Summary: This Brazilian coffee has a bit more dimension than I am accustomed to, which was nice! I enjoyed the bit of fruit flavor from the V60 and Chemex cups, and the French press cup would please a wide variety of palates with its chocolate/caramel notes.

From the roaster: Toast, syrupy body, melon

Cuvée Coffee Brazil Patos de Minas Fazenda Pantano

Review conducted 11-12 days post-roast.

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  1. What ratio did you brew this at to get the melon and caramel and fruit notes? I seem to get more of the chocolate papery flavors. Might need to dial in the grind and dose for this one. Did 30 grams and 500ml of water.

    1. The caramel notes showed up best in the French press, I used my 3 cup Bodum, 21 grams coffee to 336 grams water. The melon notes showed up in the Chemex, and I do 25 grams to 400 grams there. Hope this helps!

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