Review: Cuvée Coffee Brazil Patos de Minas Fazenda Pantano (Austin, Texas)

(I completely forgot to snap a photo of the bag I purchased like I usually do, so I grabbed this photo off of Cuvée’s website. Hope that’s okay!)

Whole Foods came to my rescue yet again, as I found myself out of coffee and unable to wait even a few days to order any online or drive to any of my normal haunts in Dallas to pick up a bag. Sometimes the coffee on the shelves is months old, but every now and then I luck out and it’s only a week or two post-roast. This was one of those times, and I’ve gotten to know and like Cuvée Coffee quite a lot since they’re one of the roasters regularly stocked by my local store, and their beans have been quite consistently good.

Whole bean: Sweet and fresh aromas… it smelled like caramel and cantaloupe.

French press: Very pleasing in the cup! Chocolate and caramel flooded my senses and made this coffee taste like drinking a candy bar.

Chemex: More lively in flavor than the French press cup – similar but it had the flavor of cantaloupe on the end.

AeroPress: Really thick, strong coffee flavor that was not shy but not overwhelming either. There seemed to be a bit of a papery aftertaste. It was drinkable as a concentrate but I felt it tasted better with a little additional water added.

V60: Smooth, rich, excellent “coffee” flavor. Also had a bit of cantaloupe in this cup (but less than the Chemex cup).

Espresso: Just for kicks, I pulled a few shots with these beans. My preliminary results weren’t terribly promising though, so I quit.

Summary: This Brazilian coffee has a bit more dimension than I am accustomed to, which was nice! I enjoyed the bit of fruit flavor from the V60 and Chemex cups, and the French press cup would please a wide variety of palates with its chocolate/caramel notes.

From the roaster: Toast, syrupy body, melon

Cuvée Coffee Brazil Patos de Minas Fazenda Pantano

Review conducted 11-12 days post-roast.

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