Review: Porch Culture Coffee Roasters Morning Jam (Tyler, Texas)

I’ve had great experiences with Porch Culture’s beans in the past and I was excited to pick up a new (to me) offering of theirs when I visited The Foundry Coffee House on a recent trip to Tyler. When shopping for coffee, I am most concerned with freshness and roast level, but the name Morning Jam appealed to me, because 1) I always jam to music in my kitchen in the mornings (for anyone interested, this is my morning Spotify playlist) and 2) I was hoping this bag would be heavy on jammy flavors, such as you might find in natural-processed Ethiopian beans.

Whole bean: I didn’t smell any berry flavors like I had hoped for from the name, but the coffee made up for that with its lovely sweet and subtle floral scent.

V60: Delicate flavors of brown sugar and toffee. This was a sweet and light-bodied cup and while it wasn’t very intense in flavor, I thought it was really enjoyable!

AeroPress: Smooth and floral in character.

Chemex: Sweet caramel flavor with a slightly nutty character. Very pleasant!

French press: Compared to the other methods, I thought the flavor seemed a bit hollow, but it was still tasty. I enjoyed this.

Summary: While the cup wasn’t quite what I had expected from the name (no jam flavor), I was really impressed with the lovely flavor balance, and I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle and sweet character of this coffee. I would definitely buy this again.

From the roaster:  Citrus, caramel

This coffee is currently not available on Porch Culture’s website, but here’s a link to their online shop.

Review conducted 6-8 days post-roast.


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