Review: 8th and Roast Coffee Co. Costa Rica Willows (Nashville, Tennessee)

Recently, I made a quick trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and while many people would fill their visit with all things country music related, I focused largely on checking out the local coffee scene so I opted not to hit up any museums or live music venues. I did, however, have time to enjoy a Cuban coffee with some legends:

(Courtesy of the Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes)

8th and Roast was a coffee roaster that came up repeatedly when I was doing searches regarding craft coffee in Nashville, and when I ducked into their location on a rainy afternoon, I was really pleased with the selection and the freshness of the beans they had available. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Costa Rican coffee and I was excited to see what this one had to offer in flavor!

Whole bean: This was a surprise. The scent of the beans was remarkably savory, like soy sauce! I was freaking out a little bit, wondering what the beans would actually taste like once brewed.

V60: This cup had a lovely powdery finish. It was a delicate tasting coffee, not overly sweet, but it definitely didn’t taste like soy sauce, to my relief! Smooth with hints of light cocoa flavor. Very subtle flavors.

AeroPress: Lovely thick brew that was well-balanced and strong as a concentrate. Also very good diluted a bit. This was the strongest tasting of the four methods so if you want a flavor punch, this is the way to go.

Chemex: Sweet, tangy, with a bit of floral essence along with flavors of honey and juicy orange. Delicious!

French press: Poetic, creamy, sweet and smooth. This had floral flavor with a hint of orange peel, and this was my personal favorite of the four brewing methods.

Summary: Don’t be alarmed if the smell of the whole/ground beans isn’t quite to your liking – they taste sweet and light when brewed. I would recommend this coffee brewed in the Chemex and French press.

From the roaster: candied citrus, honey, cocoa

8th and Roast Costa Rica Willows

Review conducted 7-9 days post-roast.

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