Review: Crema Coffee Roasters Colombia Huila La Plata Estrella del Oro (Nashville, Tennessee)

Crema Coffee Roasters was the other coffee roaster (besides 8th and Roast) that I wanted to make a special effort to check out during my trip to Nashville. Though I was only in the cafe for the amount of time it took me to choose a bag, purchase it, and leave, I noted it was a bright and airy space with lots of warm wood tones, and I would have stayed longer if I wasn’t paranoid about getting a parking ticket. They had several varieties of beans on the shelf that were extremely fresh – only a day or two post-roast. Quite a good sign!

Whole bean: milk chocolate, applesauce.

French press: Tangy flavor of apple that was sweet on the front with a rich mouthfeel. Strangely enough, though, it felt and tasted hollow as the flavor lingered, like something was missing. If this was food I would have added a bit of salt. But, since this was coffee, I just opted to try another brewing method. I know some people salt their coffee, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it this morning.

Chemex: Gorgeous cup that was like a creamy rendition of apple cider. Sweet and vibrant! Much more my speed.

AeroPress: Really nice to drink straight as a concentrate – better than the French press version. This had a more intense and vibrant flavor but was still quite sweet and pleasant to drink. It certainly had the flavor I was missing before.

V60: Similar in taste to the Chemex cup but less sweet.

Summary: I really enjoyed this coffee for its apple notes, and those were brought out best in the Chemex and the AeroPress.

From the roaster: caramel, ginger, apple

This coffee is no longer available online, but here’s a link to the roaster’s online shop:
Crema Coffee Roasters Online Store

Review conducted 3 days post-roast.

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