Review: Dark Horse Coffee Roasters Odd Harmonics Blend (San Diego, California)

I stopped into the Normal Heights location of Dark Horse Coffee Roasters on a recent weekend visit to San Diego. All of the bags on the shelves were very fresh, but this particular bag called out to me because I liked the art… I don’t tend to buy a lot of blends, but the combination of Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans did sound like it would be a nice match.

Whole bean: Cocoa nibs, strawberry.

French press: Smooth with a flavor of chocolate-covered strawberries, but this was not overly sweet.

Chemex: Strong red berry notes to this (strawberry, raspberry) with a hint of floral aroma.

AeroPress: Bit acidic and bright with a strong berry/fruit flavor. With some additional water added, it brought out a light flavor of chocolate and smoothed out the brew with a powdery finish on the tongue.

V60: This was less balanced of a result than I would have liked, as I think this method brought out too many of the high notes to these beans.

Summary: I think this is an overall easy-to-drink blend that suits a variety of brewing methods, and I thought it was best suited for the French press (for more chocolate flavor + subtle strawberry) and the Chemex (for more vibrant strawberry and less/no chocolate).

From the roaster: An oddly harmonious blend of Guatemala and Ethiopia. Just enough chocolate notes, balanced with a hint of strawberry sweetness.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters Odd Harmonics Blend

Review conducted 8 days post-roast.

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