Review: Coffee del Rey Fiesta del Sol Cafe Mexicana de Chiapas (Plano, Texas)

Chocolate fans, you’re gonna want to sit down for this one. This coffee is a very new offering from Coffee del Rey; it’s not listed on their website, but I was able to pick up a freshly roasted bag at their store on Thursday (roasted earlier THAT MORNING… how’s that for fresh?). I don’t know how long they will offer this roast, so if you want this, get crackin’!

First impressions: The whole beans smelled like milk chocolate and toasted almonds. Not dissimilar to the Ah Cacao beans I reviewed back in the early days of the blog, but with the added benefit of being able to purchase without going through customs!

V60: Cocoa powder. No fruit. This is a one-note coffee in my opinion, but oh what a delicious note it is! I added a splash of milk and a smidge of sugar and almost fell on the floor, it was so tasty. Unbelievably smooth!

AeroPress: Deep cocoa flavor and smooth as silk. More flavorful than the V60 cup.

Chemex: Thin, clean cup. Nice and sweet, but missing the depth of flavor that I had in the AeroPress.

French press: Fudge in a cup – thick and robust. Caramel flavors came out as the coffee cooled.

Espresso: I pulled some shots of this coffee as a single-origin espresso 4 days post roast. Espresso usually is at its peak around 7 days post roast so I may not have gotten the full picture on these beans. The espresso was chocolaty to be sure, but kind of bland consumed straight. However, put it in steamed milk with a bit of sugar? Liquid candy bar. If I had this in a blind taste test, I may not even have registered the latte as a latte!

Summary: Not a complicated coffee – just pure chocolaty goodness. If you add milk/sugar to your cup, this coffee complements those flavors REALLY well. This would taste amazing made into coffee ice cream.

From the roaster: No tasting notes available

Coffee del Rey

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