Review: Patricia Coffee Roasters Guatemala Santa Isabel (Melbourne, Australia)

This was my third and final stop for coffee beans in Melbourne, but my first for actually consuming any coffee at a cafe. I had been on a short audition-related coffee hiatus and the coffee I had at Patricia Coffee Roasters was the first coffee I had had in about 10 days. It was going to be delicious regardless, but I do think both of the cups I had really were excellent. This is what I had to say on my personal Facebook page about that moment:

Seriously, it was about 40 degrees out, grey and cold, and being huddled in that back alley with a bunch of other bleary-eyed people all dressed in black waiting for our “fix” in the early hours of the morning… it was pure comedy.

This roaster packages their beans in lovely canisters. Great for gift-giving! They also offer a $1 discount for return/refill. Obviously, I can’t take advantage of this, but if I lived in Melbourne, I certainly would!

Whole bean: Whoppers candy (chocolate malt).

French press: Tangy and a little tart, with lively flavors of milk chocolate and red apple.

Chemex: Honey, apple, and milk chocolate. This had an almost savory character to it and the texture was thick and a little chewy. I know that sounds odd to say but it was true! I would have expected it more from the French press cup vs. a filtered method like the Chemex but there you are.

AeroPress: Similar to the previous methods, with tangy notes of tart apple and honey. Chewy, savory, strong.

V60: Clean but nondescript. This tasted like “coffee” and didn’t have the complexity of the other cups.

Summary: The V60 method muted the flavors, but the other methods were pretty similar to each other. The Chemex cup was my favorite of this bunch. This was a lovely coffee!!

From the roaster: No notes provided

This roaster doesn’t have an online store, but if you’re in Melbourne they’re definitely worth checking out – Yelp reviewers named them the best coffee in Australia in 2016!

Patricia Coffee Roasters

Review conducted 10 days post-roast.

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