Review: Chaleur Coffee Ethiopia Hambela (Mobile, Alabama)

This is the second sample I had the pleasure of trying from the folks at Chaleur Coffee. The first coffee I had ever had in my life that I enjoyed black was a natural-processed Ethiopia Harrar, and I still have a soft spot for Ethiopian coffees to this day, as they tend to be very juicy and sweet.

Whole bean: berry sweetness.

V60: This had a nice balance between sweet blueberry and refreshing grassy flavors (it made me think of a particular Sauvignon Blanc I had once that tasted like sun and fresh-cut grass).

AeroPress: Syrupy and a bit sour brewed as a concentrate, with a powdery finish. I tried adding just a tiny bit of water (less than 1 oz), but the coffee immediately became bland. Probably not the best method for this coffee.

Chemex: Subtler than I expected – less interesting in flavor than the V60 method; the thicker Chemex filter probably took some of the notes away.

French press: This method brought out a surprising amount of sugary flavor – refined sugar, like candy necklaces. Slightly hollow in flavor compared to the V60 method, as all I tasted here was white sugar (even though I hadn’t added any!).

Summary: This particular coffee tastes best to me brewed in the Hario V60, as I enjoyed the sweet blueberry juxtaposed with the zingy, grassy flavors. The French press cup could be a good method for people that are maybe just starting to get into drinking coffee black, as it’s really sweet and mild.

From the roaster: No notes provided

At the time of this post, Chaleur Coffee’s online store is not yet up and running, but it will be soon! They currently are offering 10% off your first order when you sign up for their email list.

This is a link to their homepage: Chaleur Coffee

Review conducted 10-11 days post-roast.

Disclaimer: I received this product gratis in exchange for a fair and honest review. Even though I received this for free, I treat and test it the same way as if I had paid for it out of my own pocket.

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