Review: Edison Coffee Co. Ethiopia Kochere (Flower Mound, Texas)

For companies out there using Instagram to engage with potential customers: Just so you know, it does work. I got followed on Instagram by a new coffee shop in the Dallas area, called Native Coffee Co. They are located not far from Shutterbug’s office, and they recently extended their business hours, which allowed for me to make a visit there on my day off. Had a nice chat with the barista on duty (sorry for talking your ear off, Noelle!), and took home this bag from local roaster Edison. I haven’t had a chance to try this roaster yet and I never get out to the Flower Mound area, so I was happy that this bag fell in my lap!

Whole bean: strawberry, with that plasticky scent common to natural-processed Ethiopian coffees.

V60: At a 3:15 extraction, there was a candy sweetness on the finish. The first time I made this, I ground the beans too finely and the resulting coffee (at a 4:00 extraction) tasted kind of funky. Benefits from a slightly shorter extraction time.

AeroPress: Syrupy texture and bright flavor. Drinkable but a bit easier to consume with a touch of water added – made it smoother.

Chemex: The best of the drip methods; mild in flavor but interesting enough to keep you sipping. Reminded me more of tea than of coffee – it just whispers hints of the strawberry and the slightly floral notes.

French press: I wasn’t a fan of these beans in this method – it was oddly bland and the flavor tasted like it was locked up tight.

Espresso: On a whim, I decided to try these beans as a single-origin espresso and WOW was I glad I did. I didn’t experiment too much, mostly because I think I nailed exactly what I wanted on the first try. The resulting espresso was sweet and fragrant like a perfume, with notes of lavender to it.

Favorite parameters for this single-origin: 200 degrees Fahrenheit, 19 grams in, 35 grams out, 25 second pull.

With milk: I made a flat white out of it and it definitely tasted like a lavender latte (without having to add any syrups). Delicious!! I don’t make milk drinks for myself often but this is something I kept coming back to, morning after morning, and I will until the beans run out or until they get old enough that pulling them as espresso shots is unfeasible.

Summary: Very good in a Chemex, and really delicious as a single-origin espresso, especially if you like lavender lattes.

From the roaster: raspberry candy, juicy, lavender

Edison Coffee Co. Online Store

Review conducted 8-10 days post-roast.

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