Review: Klatch Coffee 25th Anniversary Blend (Upland, California)

I have a soft spot for Klatch Coffee – back in the early days of this blog (March 2015, the first month that I started writing coffee reviews), Klatch’s Panama Elida Honey was the first coffee that I sampled that made a strong, strong impression on me, and that same year, I named their Golden Bean Espresso my favorite “splurge” espresso of the year. Everything I’ve tried from Klatch has been consistently pretty good to great in my book. I don’t order from them often, mostly because there are just so many other roasters out there to try, but I go back to their offerings when I have time and when they have something that particularly piques my interest. They released this 25th Anniversary Blend to mark their personal milestone around the holidays in 2018, and I was intrigued by their story of how the blend came together (quote taken from

The coffees in our 25th Anniversary Blend represent special meanings to us at Klatch. Cindy in her first trip to origin, Costa Rica, set Klatch on a new course of Direct Trade purchasing with growers.  Heather selected El Salvador because while teaching Barista classes for IWCA (International Woman in Coffee) and visiting Las Mercedes farm, her future now current husband Ryan popped our from behind a coffee tree asking for her hand in marriage.  Holly meanwhile chose Kenya as it was her first trip for coffee where she also established a program where she supports children today.  And it was Mike who put this blend together for all of us. 

Whole bean: Nutty, cocoa-esque aroma. After I ground the beans, they smelled of plum and pear. Delicious!

French press: This had a pleasant flavor of molasses along with the cocoa and pear – smooth and not overly sweet. This was my favorite rendition of the bunch.

Chemex: As usual, this method brings more of the “high” notes of the coffee out – it had the same basic character as the French press cup but was a little less concentrated tasting (I interpreted it as more watery but it was just thinner due to the filter, probably).

V60: Similar to the Chemex (a bit watery tasting) but had a nice balance of flavors. I just think I was missing the thicker texture of the French press coffee.

AeroPress: This had an extremely different flavor than all the other cups – it was sharp and sour like lemon with a thick texture. Once I added water though, it smoothed right out and became like the other cups.

Summary: No doubt about it, I like this blend the best brewed in a French press as I think it suited the flavors really nicely with the molasses flavor shining through. Happy Anniversary, Klatch! Here’s to another 25 years (at least) of great coffee.

Klatch Coffee 25th Anniversary Blend (currently roasts only on Mondays)

Review conducted 5 days post-roast.

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