Review: Edison Coffee Co. Ethiopia Worka, Washed (Flower Mound, Texas)

This bag came into my life unexpectedly when two lovely friends of mine surprised me with this coffee! They knew I was very impressed with Edison Coffee Co. the last time I tried their beans, and their local coffee shop features Edison. Such a sweet gesture!

Whole bean: These look like heirloom beans – very small and compact, with a fragrance of strawberry jam and black tea. Delicate scent, with a lovely and even light roast.

French press: The resulting coffee had the delicate subtlety of tea. It sweetened as it cooled, and tasted like a tangy, syrupy strawberry compote (but not overly sweet like the sort of thing you’d get as a pancake topping at a diner). I enjoyed the whispery, almost feathery quality to the flavor of this coffee. It doesn’t slap you awake, it coaxes you into consciousness.

V60: This cup had a lighter texture than the French press cup did (not surprising, due to the paper filter), but similar flavors. Oolong tea was the main flavor I tasted with just a hint of strawberry, and it rang of white sugar on the finish. Very sweet. I brewed this for 3:45.

Chemex: The berry flavor was more muted in this method (perhaps due to the thick filter?). The overall taste was more toasty and less sweet than the other methods. I happen to be a fan of the natural sweetness of Ethiopian coffees but this is a good preparation method for this particular coffee if you want to dial down the fruit flavor.

AeroPress: Okay, this was a surprise as the main flavor I got here was of Korean rice cake (dduk/tteok). Not objectionable (I love dduk!) but not what I expected in an African coffee at all!

Summary: This is a mild and intriguing washed Ethiopian coffee that mainly tastes of black tea and strawberries. I enjoyed it in all methods, but as I am a fan of the natural sweetness of African coffees, I would recommend it most in the French press and Hario V60. Filter this as little as possible – I feel like the Chemex filter’s thickness removed a little too much of what makes this coffee distinctive and special.

From the roaster: baked strawberry, black tea, citrus

Edison Coffee Co. Ethiopia Worka Washed 

Review conducted 16-17 days post-roast.

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