Review: Parlor Coffee Colombia Los Angeles (Brooklyn, New York)

A quick trip over Spring Break gave me a chance to pop by Fleet Coffee in Austin. I had been given a heads up by a friend that it was the sort of place that would have roasters I like, and he was right! Choosing coffees to take home was hard as they were all very fresh, but I opted to try roasters I either had never tried before or who were relatively unfamiliar to me. This was the first time I’d seen Parlor Coffee and given that the box said Los Angeles, I had to try it (even if it’s not QUITE a shoutout to my hometown on the West Coast).

One thing that I found very cool about Parlor Coffee’s packaging was its use of compostable bags made of sugar cane. I’ve been giving more and more thought lately to ways in which I can support companies who make eco-friendly choices with their products, so this got a big thumbs-up from me.

Whole bean: Sweet, sugary aroma.

V60: Delicious in the cup – sweet vanilla and graham cracker flavor with hints of chocolate and citrus. Clean and balanced, if a bit muted. I was left wishing it was a little more intense flavor-wise because it was so nice!

Chemex: Same pros and cons as the V60 cup – lovely balance of flavors and a really easy drinking cup, but it would have been perfect with just a little more oomph to the flavor.

French press: I was hopeful that an immersion method would unlock the intense flavor richness I was after, but it didn’t quite work out with the French press – it was less sweet on the front but had a nice flavor of white sugar on the finish. Not a bad cup by any stretch, but it left me wanting.

AeroPress: Now HERE was what I was after – this cup was a bombardment of flavor. Honey and nectarines danced in my mouth. It had a rich texture and sweetness to it, and I was incredibly happy drinking this.

Summary: Try this coffee brewed in an AeroPress for the most delicious flavor. While all of the cups were good, the other three methods were just a little too muted for my taste – when a coffee has these lovely flavors, I don’t want it to taste watered-down, I want my senses to be completely overwhelmed by it!

From the roaster: buttery notes of honey, caramel, cocoa, and stone fruit

Note: This company sells their coffee in 8 oz. boxes.

Parlor Coffee Colombia Los Angeles

Review conducted 9 days post-roast.

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