Review: Gordon St Coffee Glasgow Roast (Glasgow, Scotland)

In early July, I was traveling for work for about a week, and I had limited access to coffee. While I was grateful that my AirBnB provided a Keurig, I found the flavor to be really depressing compared to what I’m used to having. Quality coffee is one of my little luxuries in life, so it was a little strange and sad for me to have to shift into thinking of coffee as just a utilitarian product – just something to get me through the day as opposed to something to enjoy. I had coffee most days that week, but I took no pleasure in it.

Sometimes the universe surprises you and lifts you up when you least expect it. When I checked my mail upon returning home, I had a package waiting for me. It was this coffee, sent to me by my sweet friend Kimberly. Kimberly, you don’t know how perfect your timing was! Thank you. 🙂

Whole bean: Nice uniform roast that smelled of chocolate malt.

V60: The initial aroma had a hint of tobacco that dissipated quickly. This clean, robust cup tasted of dark chocolate.

AeroPress: Similar flavor profile as the V60 cup, but with a thicker, fudgier character.

Chemex: More sweetness in this cup. This was more like semi-sweet chocolate; nutty and smooth.

French press: Very similar to the Chemex cup, but with more body.

Summary: After my disappointing week of Keurig and gas station coffee, pretty much anything was going to be an improvement, but I really did enjoy these beans. This Glasgow roast from Gordon St Coffee was a bit darker of a roast than I normally drink, but I appreciated how evenly the beans were roasted and how well the chocolate and nut flavors came through. It was a no-nonsense, unpretentious, straightforward, honest cup of coffee. I’ve never been to Scotland but as I told my friend, if this is indicative of the character of the people there, Glasgow is full of people I’d like to meet!

From the roaster: The Glasgow Roast celebrates the city’s historical trading links and is a blend of beans from India, Kenya, Brazil and Guatemala. These four beans together produce a well-balanced coffee with fine aroma and depth, a hint of fruitiness with pleasing dark chocolate and wine undertones. It embodies the bold & bright characteristics that Glasgow & its people are renowned for.

Gordon St Coffee Glasgow Roast

Review conducted 16 days post-roast.

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