Review: thirty-thirty Coffee Co. Kenya Kirinyaga (Peoria, Illinois)

This is the last selection in my most recent shipment from Craft Coffee. I feel like I have been drinking a lot of African coffee lately (and there are still more African coffees to come in the pipeline!), but I am also learning that there is so much variety in the coffees from this continent that I am not likely to get bored anytime soon.

thirty-thirty Coffee is an independent coffee shop in Peoria, Illinois. I was curious about their name, and according to their website, “The name thirty-thirty Coffee Co. derives from the fact that the vast majority of gourmet specialty coffee is farmed between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south of the earth’s equator. Bearing that in mind, it is within these latitudes that thirty-thirty Coffee Co. will acquire its beans.”

Whole beans: Unlike the other African coffees I’ve been sampling recently, I don’t smell anything fruity or floral. It smells similar to brown sugar and maple syrup. Now I want oatmeal!

French press: Not as sweet in the cup as the smell promised. This coffee has a taste of celery on the finish. I like vegetables, but not in my coffee. Blech.

Chemex: Pleasantly tangy. Maple with a nice dash of lemon flavor. Light body.

AeroPress: Smooth, rich cup. Smells like butterscotch pudding with just a hint of citrus. This method definitely brought out more of the maple flavor and less of the fruit.

V60: Sweetest cup of the four. Medium body and nice balanced flavor!

Summary: This was unlike any other African coffee I’ve had up to this point. Very pleasant to drink, except for that note of celery in the French press. The V60 was my favorite cup of this batch.

From the roaster: butterscotch, dark amber maple syrup, clementine, meyer lemon

This coffee is not currently offered online.

thirty-thirty Coffee Co.

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