Review: Ascension Peruvian Silk Blend (Dallas, Texas)

I don’t visit too many coffee shops in Dallas regularly, but Ascension is one of my favorites when I do go out for a cup. You can taste the great care that they put into their craft in every drink you receive at their cafe. They feature various roasters from time to time (I had my first taste of Intelligentsia’s Black Cat here in the form of an americano), but they seem to be especially known for their own roasts. I happened to come across a three-day old bag of this Peruvian Silk blend at the 75/Lovers Ln Central Market, so I decided that this would be my first bag of Ascension that I would brew at home. Based on this experience, it will definitely not be the last. Yum!!

Whole beans: Mild aroma.

V60: Toasted marshmallow led to pear and vanilla flavors. Lovely!

AeroPress: I ended up drinking this in its concentrated form. This coffee started really sweet and morphed into a bold, spicy acidity – sort of like when you have a taste of a really good apple pie. The first flavor was of buttery sweetness, and as you savor, cinnamon apple takes over. The finish had a hint of green grape.

Chemex: Extremely smooth… less flavorful overall than the V60 and AeroPress cups but this was a cup that made me go back for seconds. Such a nice balance of caramel and fruit flavors.

French press: Wow, vanilla!!! At the risk of being cliche, this cup was as smooth as silk. The body was so rich, it was like I had added cream (though I hadn’t). This coffee had fewer flavor notes in it than the other methods but the vanilla flavor was ridiculously delicious.

Espresso: I pulled several shots of this just to see what would happen. It was like an even more concentrated version of what I got with the AeroPress, but with more lemony, bright characteristics. The cinnamon apple was definitely there but the shot was overpowered by acidity verging on sourness, at a variety of temperatures. Not my favorite flavor profile in an espresso – I think I’ll personally stick to this as a coffee. However, I could definitely see the appeal for people that prefer bright, fruity shots.

Summary: I would love to drink this coffee alongside a dessert: pie, ice cream, cake. Though I didn’t care for this blend as an espresso, all four pourover/immersion cups of this coffee were delicious to the point where I can’t choose a favorite. I would definitely buy this again and again!

This particular coffee is not currently offered online, but it is available at the Central Market location in Dallas and the Ascension shop in the Design District if you’re local to Dallas.

Ascension Coffee Online Store

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