Review: Verve Coffee Roasters Guatemala Los Santos (Santa Cruz, California)

Verve. This might not be a word I associate strictly with music, but it’s the name of a once-legendary record label, as well as a pretty good now-defunct band from the UK (who later had to change their name to “The Verve,” which still sounds odd in my head… it’s like saying “The Vivacity” or “The Happiness”).

Verve Coffee Roasters is one of the most respected coffee roasters in the United States; they regularly make “best of” lists like this one from Thrillist of the 10 best coffee roasters in America. They offer free shipping with no minimum purchase, which is definitely a plus! I spotted this bag at B2 Coffee during a recent trip to San Jose and did a little happy dance; my friend who was with me died laughing. I’m not apologizing, though!

Whole beans: Hints of mango, tea, and rose petals.

V60: This cup had sweet citrus flavor with a tropical note. I tasted tea-like tannins on the finish, as well as the richness of nougat.

AeroPress: Juicier brew with a smoother feel. Flowery aromas dominated, with less fruit flavor/aroma.

Chemex: Marshmallow and nougat flavor, with orange on the finish.

French press: Overwhelming nougat flavor and aroma. Richest texture. No fruit/flowers.

Summary: A light, delicate cup that has a lot of natural sweetness. The immersion methods had more nougat flavor while the pourover methods had more fruity flavor. All were tasty!

From the roaster: Zesty and tropical in nature with flavors of navel orange, mango and chewy nougat. Los Santos delivers a punch and has a lengthy finish of caramel sweetness.

Verve Coffee Roasters Guatemala Los Santos

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