Review: Temple Costa Rica Las Lajas Golden Honey (Sacramento, California)

Temple Coffee Roasters, based out of Sacramento, CA, is an award-winning roaster who has racked up accolades, including multiple 90+ point coffee ratings as rated by Coffee Review. I picked up this bag from Vero’s Coffee Bar on my recent work trip to San Jose without tasting it first; I opted instead to sample their house espresso while there (which happened to be Intelligentsia Black Cat Analog. No bags of that available for sale, unfortunately).

Whole beans: Cherry and honey aromas. Sweet.

V60: Aroma was crazy sweet – it smelled like floral honey. The taste was a bit less sweet; there were some tannins present. The cup overall was very fragrant – almost like perfume. It sweetened as it cooled.

AeroPress: Faint scent of dog! What?! It faded after a minute or so but I was wondering if I somehow did something wrong in the brewing process. After the dog smell went away, I smelled graham cracker and light floral notes. I couldn’t bring myself to drink much of this cup.

Chemex: Sweet scents of honey, graham crackers, and flowers. Pretty similar to the V60 cup.

French press: More perfumey and less sweet. The dog smell hit me again at the start, so I’m wondering if that’s just something that happens with the immersion methods?

This coffee broke my heart a little bit. To clarify about the dog scent, it wasn’t wet dog, and it wasn’t even really an unpleasant smell. The smell took me back to two years ago, when I was cuddling my dog, Penny, for the last time before we put her to sleep. I buried my face in her neck as I said goodbye, and for whatever reason, this coffee brewed in the AeroPress smelled exactly like that moment. I’m crying as I type this – I certainly wasn’t expecting to have such an emotional reaction to a coffee, but somehow, this coffee brought back that day so vividly that I am glad that no one was around while I did this tasting. Was this a bad cup of coffee? No, not at all, really, but I just can’t emotionally handle this one in an immersion method. This marks the first time a coffee has ever made me sob uncontrollably!

Summary: My heart can’t take drinking this coffee again, but if I were to do so, I’d stick with the V60 or Chemex for brewing.

From the roaster: Rainier cherry, lilac, sweet wine

This coffee is not currently available online.

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