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All the stats on my coffee gear, for the curious.

Grinders: Baratza Vario (only for espresso), Baratza Virtuoso (for all other coffee methods)

Espresso Machine: Quick Mill Silvano

Manual methods: Chemex, Hario V60 (ceramic), AeroPress, Bodum Eileen and Chambord french presses. I use bleached filters in the filtered methods.

Automatic drip: None

Electric Kettle: Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

Scale: Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

Brewing parameters: Generally 1:16 coffee:water ratio, brewed with water at 200 degrees F (except for AeroPress, which I will sometimes brew between 175-190 F).

Water: For my espresso machine, I use bottled spring water which tests to 3 grams hardness and has a pH of 6.8 (brands: Nestle Pure Life if it’s bottled in Dallas, TX, and Ice Canyon bottled in Kirbyville, TX). For my other preparations, I will generally use tap water filtered through my Brita pitcher.

Bean storage: Airscape coffee canisters, or just the original bag that the beans come in. For long-term storage, I use Foodsaver bags to vacuum seal small portions (about a week’s worth) of coffee beans and freeze them.

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  1. Love your setup! Reminds me of mine, but I still don’t have enough room to fit everything on my counter 🙁

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