Good grief, lady, how much coffee do you drink in a day???

Surprisingly, not much! I typically drink 8-12 oz of pourover or two doubleshots of espresso each morning. If I am taste-testing a new bag of beans, I will sample a bit from all brew methods, but I rarely will drink the whole cup (unless it’s REALLY good).

How do you decide what to review?

I am always on the lookout for new coffee roasters, and I visit coffee shops local to where I live to see what they have in stock that is fresh (ideally less than a week old at most). There are also roasters from whom I will mail-order beans. Occasionally, friends will get me beans as gifts.

I try not to publish “bad” reviews – I try to be more objective about how I evaluate the coffee by saying, “This coffee tastes like cigarette ash” vs. “OMG EW.” After all, what if you like the taste of cigarette ash? I imagine though that it’s pretty easy to tell when I like a coffee vs. when I do not.

I’m a coffee roaster. If I send you some beans, will you review my coffee? 

Send me an email through the contact form on this website. In exchange for complimentary beans, I will publish a 100% unbiased review, done exactly the same way that I write up reviews for beans that I’ve purchased with my own money. Please ensure the roast date is on the packaging and endeavor to send FRESH beans – I only buy and review beans that are within 2 weeks of their roast date, so if you send beans that are older than this, I won’t be able to describe them accurately to readers because they’ll be out of their peak freshness window by the time I get to taste them.

I tend to favor light-roasted coffee so while I will review coffees that are medium-roasted or darker, you may not get feedback you like from me if the beans are darker than Full City.

What’s the best coffee?

Too complicated and loaded of a question to answer. It’s like trying to determine who the best rock band of all time is. We could spend a lifetime arguing this topic.

What’s YOUR favorite coffee?

Visit the Hall of Fame category on this site to get an idea of which coffees I rate most highly.

Do you get headaches when you don’t drink coffee?

YES. I get the sort of headaches that takes half a day and 4 Advil to make me not want to crawl into a hole and die. It’s surprising considering I drink such a relatively small amount, but I’m rather dependent on the stuff.

What’s the worst coffee you’ve ever had?

I will admit, the worst coffee I’ve ever had was one that I made. It was back when I worked as a bartender for a while during grad school, and a customer asked for a cup of coffee. Now, I was new, and I had never used a commercial coffee machine – just the Mr. Coffee type things where you have to put water in the reservoir. I had not been taught how to operate the coffee maker, and I didn’t know it was plumbed in, so I found some place in the machine to pour in water. I have no idea where to this day. The coffee that came out looked weak, but we were quite busy so I filled up a mug and served it. The customer left a little while later with most of the mug untouched. I don’t blame him at all, because at that point, I poured myself a bit from the pot and realized it tasted like dirty dishwater. To whoever you are: I’m so sorry!!! I wish you had complained!

Who is this “Shutterbug” you keep referring to?

That would be my husband, who has his own photography site. I don’t refer to him by name just because I think it’s funnier that way – no particular privacy issues or concerns, really. As far as I know, he doesn’t talk about me on his site, but if he did, I’d have no problem being the Caffeine Queen or Latte L’amour or something like that.


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