Review: Ceremony Coffee Roasters Destroyer Blend (Annapolis, Maryland)

If I wasn’t already a fan of Ceremony Coffee Roasters (I very much enjoyed their single-origin Guatemala Las Moritas!), the fun, nerdy, creative names for their coffee blends would have sealed the deal. Not all of their blends are available on their website at any given time, but so far I’ve seen blends called Mass Appeal, Synthesis, Thesis, and Antithesis, in addition to this one that I picked up called Destroyer. The bag lists it as intended for espresso OR medium coffee so I was curious how it would fare at home in both applications.

Sadly, once I got home, I discovered that my espresso machine was not working properly, so until I have a chance to troubleshoot and get things working again, I won’t be able to pull espresso shots at home. So, this review will be solely devoted to this blend tasted as coffee. Too bad, because I think it would have made some excellent doubleshots. 🙁 (Crossing fingers that I’ll have a chance to add an addendum to this post in the future!)

Whole bean: Simple, fresh, satisfying scent.

French press: This was a very balanced and delicious cup. I tasted vanilla and sugar sweetness for sure.

Chemex: Mouthwatering aroma and flavor of caramel. Lovely, lovely cup… delicate and sweet.

AeroPress: This was really tasty taken straight (still so sad I couldn’t taste this as true espresso!). Full of nutty, caramel flavor.

V60: This was less sweet than the other methods but still good. However, it suffered in comparison as it seemed less balanced and a bit bitter and edgy.

Summary: Blends are great for people that like sweet, balanced coffees that aren’t too dominated by any one flavor profile, and I think this is one of the best blends I’ve tasted in a long time. Particularly good if you like caramel! I hope to revisit this review someday to add in my thoughts when it’s pulled as espresso shots.

The Destroyer Blend is not currently on Ceremony’s website, but here’s a link to their online store:
Ceremony Coffee Roasters Online Store (Blends)

Review conducted 15-18 days post-roast.

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