Review: Ozone Coffee Colombia Finca Villa Norena (London, England)

It’s been two months to the day since the day I bought this coffee. The 6th of July in London this year was unseasonably hot… cool by Texas standards perhaps (about 88 degrees Fahrenheit), but it felt oppressively humid, and that sort of heat and humidity is no joke when you are relying on public transportation and walking to get around! I gave my Oyster card quite the workout while checking off the must-see cafes on my list. My final stop that day was at Ozone Coffee in the borough of Islington. It had a small and unassuming exterior, so I was shocked to see a huge, multi-level space when I walked in; it was a bustling place filled with folks enjoying both coffee and food. Despite the heat, I was determined to have a flat white, as I knew that Ozone has connections with New Zealand (there is a location in New Plymouth, and a future location coming to Auckland) and Kiwis are known for their skill in making these drinks. I was not disappointed!

The flat white I had that day was made with a different bean; I don’t remember which blend now, but I chose to buy this bag of Colombia Finca Villa Norena because of its freshness (only roasted 2 days prior to my visit).

Whole bean: Bright tropical and citrus notes.

V60: Considering the tart, fruity scent of the beans, I found this coffee surprisingly deep and sweet in flavor. It was filled with the richness of vanilla and tasted of a delicate black tea with honey. Lively but really easy-going and smooth. I don’t always drink the entire batch I make in these tastings but I did in this case – very enjoyable!

AeroPress: Neon bright brew; quite strong with its flavor of Meyer lemon and passionfruit. Surprisingly drinkable though – I have had other coffees in the past that were sour enough to make your teeth wince but this did not affect me like that at all. When I added a bit of extra water to the AeroPress concentrate, it tasted downright milky. This was a surprise.

Chemex: Very similar to the V60 method and I once again drank every drop! (I was definitely bouncing off the walls the morning of this tasting)

French press: Tangy and heavy on the passionfruit.

Summary: I’ve never had a coffee quite like this one, especially from Colombia. Usually, I expect my Colombian coffees to be dominated by notes of chocolate, orange, perhaps some nutty flavors, and honey. This coffee had honey sweetness but it was paired with a dizzying array of tropical flavors that you wouldn’t normally find in a coffee. I don’t think this would be something I would choose for everyday drinking; it’s not a comforting sort of cup. Instead, this is a loud, slightly challenging, but infinitely rewarding coffee when you are in the mood to be surprised and ready to try something a little fun. I loved this coffee in the V60 and Chemex and liked it in the other methods as well.

From the roaster: Passionfruit, lemon, Manuka honey

Ozone Coffee Roasters Colombia Finca Villa Norena

Review conducted 11 days post-roast.

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