Review: Monarch Coffee Colombia Finca El Cajon (Kansas City, Missouri)

Monarch Coffee on Broadway Blvd. was the final coffee shop I visited on my trip to Kansas City. What a gorgeous space! I didn’t take any photos while I was there but you can get an idea of their aesthetic via their Instagram account. This roaster/cafe has quite the pedigree: The owner is a licensed Q grader and has earned recognition in multiple regional and national barista competitions, and Monarch was named “Best Coffee in Missouri” by Food and Wine magazine.

I bought a bag of Monarch’s Honduras Pablo Cruz (review forthcoming), and the barista gave me a free to-go cup of the drip coffee they had on hand with my purchase. I had left the cafe and was about to call a Lyft when I took a sip, and I was so impressed with the flavors in the drip coffee that I turned right back around and reentered the cafe just to ask what specific beans the drip coffee was made with. Turned out it was their Colombia Finca El Cajon so I went ahead and bought a bag of that too!

Whole bean: Generically clean, sweet aroma. Nothing specific stood out other than it smelled nice!

French press: Dates, turbinado sugar, and a tart and tangy raspberry brightness. This had a lot more flavor than the scent of the whole beans suggested. Easy to drink. I really liked this cup.

Chemex: A very smooth and sweet cup. This was less tart than the French press cup; it had a fruity brightness and a stronger sugary sweetness. This was my favorite method for these beans.

AeroPress: Thick and sugary brew with cherry and raspberry flavor.

V60: With a 3:11 brew time, this was strongly perfumed from the start but had a relatively mild flavor – almost savory in its lack of sweetness. It was like the Chemex cup was turned down a few notches.

Summary: I liked this coffee a lot and enjoyed it most in the French press and Chemex methods. I think the Chemex version was the closest to how I experienced the coffee in Monarch’s shop. Glad I went back in to grab this bag!

From the roaster: brown sugar, peach, raspberry

At the time I finished this review, this coffee was not available on Monarch’s website, but I’ve included a link to their online store below.

Monarch Coffee Online Store

Review conducted 6 days post-roast.

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