Review: Monogram Ethiopia Gesha Village Lot 97 (Calgary, Canada)

This bag came to me courtesy of Revolver Coffee in Vancouver; it was so hard for me to limit myself to just three bags that day but I knew I’d be buying more from other shops so I had to draw the line somewhere!

Whole bean: Super fragrant and fresh, like meyer lemon.

French press: Sugary and plush. Delicious notes of lemongrass and meyer lemon in this. I really loved this!!

Chemex: These beans were less dense than I expected. I ground them on my normal setting for Chemex brewing but the total brewing time was only 3:20 – far short of the 4:00 I usually aim for. If you’re going to brew these beans in a pourover method, set your grinder a bit finer than normal. The flavor of the coffee in this method was much more juicy than in the French press, with more tea-like notes.

AeroPress: This coffee brewed this way mainly tasted of rose, whether I drank it as a concentrate or with a bit of additional water added.

V60: This method produced coffee that tasted similar to the French press cup, but without the creaminess and plushness.

Summary: Historically, I tend to prefer Geshas brewed in French presses, and this was no exception. I didn’t dislike the coffee in any method, but it was exceptionally tasty in a press pot. Such a fragrant, complex, sweet coffee!

From the roaster: Bergamot, Jasmine, Lemongrass

When I wrote this review, this coffee was not available on Monogram’s online store, but I’m including a link below for you to see their current offerings:

Monogram Coffee Online Store

Review conducted 10 days post-roast.

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