Review: Roseline Coffee First Flowers Spring Blend (Portland, Oregon)

Roseline Coffee is one of my favorite roasters to order from when I’m in the mood for something special. I follow them on Instagram and when I saw this coffee pop up on my feed, I knew I had to try it. It’s one of the prettiest bags of coffee I’ve seen in a while, and as a fan of floral coffees, I was dying to find out if the taste would live up to the packaging!

V60: This cup had a lovely note of lavender with a sweet and slightly tangy finish. The flavor stopped me in my tracks, it was so gorgeous! Truly mouth-watering. As the coffee cooled, the coffee got sweeter and tasted of caramel.

Whole bean: Sweet, fragrant, light aroma.

Chemex: This was similar to the coffee made in the V60 but sweeter. The coffee tasted akin to the caramelized sugar top you get on a creme brûlée, with just a hint of lavender perfume. Delicious!

French press: The slight tang that was present in the V60 cup was turned up in this method, to the point where this particular brew method made the coffee taste like a refreshing lemonade.

AeroPress: This made an intensely floral-tasting coffee, with a white sugar aftertaste. Adding some additional water to dilute the AeroPress concentrate wasn’t strictly necessary, but it was nice to drink either way.

Summary: This coffee definitely lived up to my expectations – it made a satisfying cup of coffee in every method I tried, and I enjoyed all of them thoroughly. If you like light roasts and the sound of lavender flavors in a juicy, sweet coffee appeals to you, this is definitely the coffee for you. Roseline advertises this as their Spring Blend so I’d grab a bag ASAP while they’re still offering it for sale!

From the roaster: lavender, bergamot, and fig

Roseline Coffee First Flowers

Review conducted 5 days post-roast.

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