Review: Ceremony Coffee Roasters Synthesis Blend (Annapolis, Maryland)

I’ve had the pleasure of trying coffee from Ceremony Coffee Roasters before; in addition to their single-origins, they offer blends with nerdy names, and I had made a mental note that someday, I wanted to try their Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis blends. The packaging makes it appear that the Thesis is light, Antithesis is dark, and Synthesis is medium, but from tasting all three, I think the roast levels are closer than the packaging indicates. This review will focus on the Synthesis blend.

Whole bean: Based on the appearance of the beans, I’d classify this roast level as a “rich medium”. It has a scent of dried cherries.

Clever Dripper: Tastes of dark chocolate with a tangy finish. I mostly taste the roast level of the coffee vs. any origin characteristics. Sort of in between a medium and a dark roasted coffee.

French press: Similar to the Clever cup but without the tanginess.

Hario V60: Quite similar in flavor to the other cups, but with a lighter body.

Chemex: Same as the Hario V60 cup, but maybe a bit smoother in flavor?

Summary: This coffee blend produced very consistent results across all four of the brewing methods I used. If you have a household where one person likes medium-roasted coffee and another likes dark-roasted coffee, this blend could be a nice compromise that would please both parties.

From the roaster: Dried cherry, caramel, smooth

Ceremony Coffee Roasters Synthesis Blend

Review conducted 14-15 days post-roast.

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