Review: Abacus Coffee Roasters Algorithm Blend (Chicago, Illinois)

I bought this bag from the folks at Javaya, whom I’ve written about before. I had a short trip to Chicago planned back in mid-February and I initially thought I might be able to make time to purchase this from Abacus directly, but I soon figured out there was no way I’d have the time to hit up every roaster I wanted to in person. Thankful for the option of online ordering!

Whole bean: I didn’t nab a photo of the beans, but this was very obviously a blend of two different beans because of the two different roast levels (light and medium). Reminded me somehow of a black and tan!

V60: Brewed for 3:40, this cup tasted of dark chocolate and cinnamon. Smooth and easy to drink.

Chemex: Tobacco flavor on the front that morphed into a brown sugar and toffee sweetness. I brewed this for 3:30.

French press: Less sweet than the previous cups, but it had a lovely plush and soft mouthfeel. Delicious.

AeroPress: Rich and satisfying milk chocolate flavor. Sweet and smooth.

Espresso: This worked well as an espresso blend, particularly at higher temperatures. I pulled three shots, all at a 19g dose. 203 degrees F came out a bit sour, while 206 was like chocolate, and 208 was dark chocolate and caramel.

Favorite parameters for this blend: 19g in, 43.5g out, 208 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 second pull.

Summary: This was a great multi-purpose blend that will satisfy a wide range of coffee lovers. Good in all methods. My favorite was the Hario V60, but I wouldn’t turn down a cup in any form!

From the roaster: No tasting notes on the bag. The website currently lists the following, but I can’t guarantee that it matches the batch that I ordered in late January.

Our signature coffee blend is a wonderful combination of Brazil Baron of Alfenas Full Natural and Guatemala La Laguna. Big chocolate flavors make way for a tart sweetness and a clean finish. This drinkable blend is great for any occasion and can easily be pulled as an espresso as well!

  • Roast:¬†medium
  • Acidity:¬†balanced
  • Body:¬†full
  • Aroma Notes:¬†milk chocolate, almonds
  • Taste Notes:¬†baker’s chocolate, blood orange, raspberry

Abacus Coffee Roasters Algorithm Blend (note that you will be taken to Javaya’s site to check out)

Javaya link to Abacus Coffee Roasters Algorithm Blend

Review conducted 5-7 days post-roast.

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